Holiday Schedule

Easter Holiday Club -   8-12 April 2019

Throughout the day there is a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, both at The Club and on Golden Hill Park, including:

  • Football, bike rides and getting active on the field and play area
  • Art & Crafts
  • Group games/activities - Limbo, party games, cone bash & team challenges
  • Table top activities, climbing frames, video and computer games
  • Pet Handling Sessions with rabbits, guinea pigs, hamster, budgies, stick insects and Dibbles - our Giant Africa Land Snail. 

Whichever you decide the emphasis is always on having FUN!

**  Please note that planned activities are subject to change.  **


Week Beginning: 8 April 2019


  • Easter Art & Crafts
  •     Easter Baskets - With An Added Surpise!
  •     Fun With Salt Dough - Easter Decoration
  •     Giant Easter Egg Bunting - Let's Decorate Play Works    
  • Easter Bingo
  • Make Scrumptious Nest Cake Treats for Tea
  • Easter Art & Crafts
  •     Chocolate Egg Balloon Nests
  •     Marble Painting - With Eggs
  •     Colourful Pom-Pom Necklaces
  • Play Works Great Egg Drop Challenge! It's Cracking!!
  • Edible Easter Baskets  


  • Easter Art & Crafts
  •     Easter Cards
  •     Easter Egg Sun Catchers
  • TRIP - Picnic & Train Ride at Chassen Park
  • Easter Word Searches and Quizzes
  • Easter Chick Cakes


  • Easter Art & Crafts
  •     Easter Table Decoration
  • Papier-mâché Easter Eggs
  • Bunny Baskets - With A Treat!
  • Easter Games and Quizzes
  • Delicious Burrowing Bunny Cakes


  • Easter Art & Crafts
  •     Egg Head Superheros's
  •     Decoupagé An Easter Egg
  • Carrot Easter Basket
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Bobbing For Carrotts


**  Please note that planned activities are subject to change.  **

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